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Hello, I’m Andrew.

Good design should be available for everyone. That’s the core idea behind StudioKurcan; An attempt to provide compelling, beautiful, and most importantly functional media for my clients. Aesthetics drives results. We owe it to ourselves to put our best face forward every time. 

Through videography, photography, copywriting, and graphic design, Studio Kurcan can help you do just that. Come with us - Let’s make your ideas happen.

More about me:

Andrew Stephenson Kurcan is a Multimedia Producer and Creative Director who partners with corporate and artistic sector clients to create exciting, purposeful content.

After spending nearly two decades working on projects spanning the film, television, radio, and corporate realms, Andrew knows how to drive a project from inception to delivery. Blending careful planning with strategic risk management, his work is results-oriented, attuned to customer needs and expected outcomes.

Andrew has successfully mounted international production projects for a number of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. Equally comfortable in front of top CEOs and heads of state, his experience and candor allow for a free and innovative exchange of ideas. In addition to his extensive technical and creative production background, Andrew is a classically and jazz-trained musician.

Andrew holds a Master of Music in Trombone Performance from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. He is composed of 95% iced coffee, 5% other natural flavors and stardust.


  • How do we get started?

    • Let’s have a brief! I love to meet my clients face-to-face, or have a phone chat at the onset of a project. It gives us a chance to discuss what’s needed, lay out expectations, deadlines, and set the tone of the whole process.

  • What will this cost?

    • Media & Design are very individual beasts, no two projects are exactly alike. Please tell me a little about your project via the contact form, and I’ll follow up as soon as possible with an estimate. My basic rate is $75/hour for most services.

      Contact StudioKurcan

  • We may need other services that you do not directly offer…

    • That’s fantastic! I love collaborating with other creative individuals. I’m happy to source and coordinate other players. These could include Hair/Makeup Artists, 3D designers, Drone Pilots, Fabricators, Studio Rentals, Location Rentals, Actors, and more.

  • Will I own the copyright of the finished project?

    • Generally no, although this can be discussed. StudioKurcan retains the copyright to all works produced, but the client receives full usage and reproduction rights of all purchased work.

  • So, you basically live with a camera attached to you, don’t you?

    • Yes, yes i do.